How to discuss my pets with my pals in Mandarin?

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Learning the appropriate language is critical if you want to talk to Chinese friends about your dogs or are a pet lover visiting China. In this post, we’ll go over some of the most important Chinese words for pets, such as their breeds, traits, and behaviors.

Breeds of Pets

Here are some popular breeds of pets and their Chinese translations:

  1. Dog – 狗 (gǒu)
  2. Cat – 猫 (māo)
  3. Fish – 鱼 (yú)
  4. Hamster – 仓鼠 (cāngshǔ)
  5. Rabbit – 兔子 (tùzi)
  6. Bird – 鸟 (niǎo)

Characteristics and Behaviors of Pets

Along with the breeds, it’s helpful to know a few words that describe the traits and behaviors of pets.

  1. Cute – 可爱 (kě’ài)
  2. Smart – 聪明 (cōngmíng)
  3. Playful – 爱玩 (ài wán)
  4. Loyal – 忠诚 (zhōngchéng)
  5. Noisy – 吵 (chǎo)
  6. Quiet – 安静 (ānjìng)
  7. Active – 活泼 (huópō)
  8. Lazy – 懒 (lǎn)
  9. Friendly – 友善 (yǒu shàn)

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Putting It All Together

Let’s put some of the basic pet-related languages we’ve studied together in phrases now.

  1. My dog is very smart. – 我的狗很聪明。(Wǒ de gǒu hěn cōngmíng.)
  2. I have a cute cat. – 我有只可爱的猫。(Wǒ yǒu zhī kě’ài de māo.)
  3. The fish in my aquarium are very active. – 我水族箱里的鱼很活泼。(Wǒ shuǐzú xiāng lǐ de yú hěn huópō.)
  4. My hamster is very playful. – 我的仓鼠很爱玩。(Wǒ de cāngshǔ hěn ài wán.)
  5. My rabbit is very friendly. – 我的兔子很友善。(Wǒ de tùzi hěn yǒu shàn.)

You can tell your friends stories and anecdotes about your dogs and present them to them. Here are a few topics for discussion:

我的狗喜欢追球。(Wǒ de gǒu xǐhuān zhuī qiú.) – “My dog likes to chase balls.”

我的猫喜欢睡觉。(Wǒ de māo xǐhuān shuìjiào.) – “My cat likes to sleep.”

我的兔子喜欢吃胡萝卜。(Wǒ de tùzi xǐhuān chī húluóbo.) – “My rabbit likes to eat carrots.”

我的仓鼠会玩转轮。(Wǒ de cāngshǔ huì wán zhuǎn lún.) – “My hamster knows how to play on the exercise wheel.”


1. Are there any cultural differences in how Chinese people view pets?

Chinese people’s attitudes about pets may vary depending on their culture. Dogs, for instance, may be seen as “man’s best friend” by certain individuals while serving as a guard dog by others. When discussing pets in Mandarin or any other language, it’s critical to be mindful of cultural variances and considerate of other people’s beliefs.

2. How can I practice speaking about pets in Chinese?

Find a language partner or tutor, watch films or TV episodes in Mandarin featuring pets, and practice speaking about them using flashcards or vocabulary lists.


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