How to Discuss Science and Technology in Chinese

It can be challenging to discuss science and technology in a foreign language, but with the correct words and expressions, it can be a rewarding experience. In this article, we’ll look at important Mandarin Chinese words and phrases for science and technology.

Basic Vocabulary

  • Science: 科学 (Kēxué)
  • Technology: 技术 (Jìshù)
  • Computer: 计算机 (Jìsuànjī)
  • Internet: 互联网 (Hùliánwǎng)
  • Smartphone: 智能手机 (Zhìnéng shǒujī)
  • Artificial Intelligence: 人工智能 (Rén gōng zhì néng)

Common Phrases

  • Scientific research: 科学研究 (Kēxué yánjiū)
  • Technological innovation: 技术创新 (Jìshù chuàngxīn)
  • Internet connection: 互联网连接 (Hùliánwǎng liánjiē)
  • Artificial Intelligence is the future: 人工智能是未来 (Rén gōng zhì néng shì wèilái)

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Discussing Recent Advances

When discussing recent advances in science and technology, you might use phrases like:

  • The latest scientific discovery……: 最新的科学发现…… (Zuìxīn de kēxué fāxiàn……)
  • Cutting-edge technology: 尖端技术 (Jiānduān jìshù)
  • Technological breakthrough: 技术突破 (Jìshù tūpò)

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