How to Talk About Furniture in Chinese

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Whether you’re shopping, organizing your home, or just conversing, talking about furniture in Mandarin will come in handy in various circumstances. A list of some of the most widely used Chinese words for multiple types of furniture is provided below.

Furniture – 家具 (Jiājù)

Table – 桌子 (Zhuōzi)

Chair – 椅子 (Yǐzi)

Bed – 床 (Chuáng)

Sofa – 沙发 (Shāfā)

Cabinet/Cupboard – 橱柜 (Chúguì)

Wardrobe – 衣柜 (Yīguì)

Desk – 书桌 (Shūzhuō)

Shelf – 架子 (Jiàzi)

Mirror – 镜子 (Jìngzi)

Lamp – 台灯(táidēng)

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Now that we have an understanding of the names of different furniture words let’s try a few sentences:

我的房间有一张床,一张书桌和一把椅子。 (Wǒ de fángjiān yǒu yī zhāng chuáng, yī zhāng shūzhuō hé yī bǎ yǐzi.) – My room has a bed, a desk, and a chair.

我们需要买一个新沙发。 (Wǒmen xūyào mǎi yīgè xīn shāfā.) – We need to buy a new sofa.

这个橱柜可以放更多的东西。 (Zhège chúguì kěyǐ fàng gèng duō de dōngxi.) -This cabinet can hold more items.

You’ll be able to participate more effectively in talks about furniture in Chinese if you learn these words and practice using them in sentences. Remember that repetition will make perfect, so feel free to utilize these terms whenever you can!

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