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In an increasingly globalized world, basic language and cultural understanding are necessary to have good communication with others. We work to increase the level of knowledge in Chinese so as to avoid misunderstandings in communication with Chinese. We offer both classroom instruction and online instruction. Our native Chinese teachers have high competence and hold doctorates in the Chinese language and culture. 

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We offer customized training based on knowledge level. With our background in teaching Chinese in public schools and to companies, we adapt the teaching of Chinese to the level of knowledge of the student and the individual student groups. Our Mandarin Chinese courses are offered at all levels, from HSK 1 to HSK 6.

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At LC Chinese School, we teach Chinese at all levels, and you can complete courses without knowing Mandarin Chinese beforehand. You can choose between courses at 4 levels, from beginner courses to courses adapted to students with a high Chinese level. We offer Chinese classes for adults, children’s classes, business Chinese, and preparations for the Chinese test HSK. Our classes are offered both in classrooms and online.



We help companies communicate better with Chinese companies. We work to strengthen the language and cultural understanding of Chinese business culture and language so as to avoid lost business opportunities and more cooperation between Chinese business contacts and your business. Learn to use Chinese in a work situation. Our Business Chinese courses can be used in all branches.


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General Chinese Course

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In the General Chinese Courses, you will be able to learn all aspects of Mandarin Chinese that are used in daily life. You will learn the most important things you should know when communicating with Chinese people. Our General Chinese Courses are taught at all levels. When you are finished at one level, you can continue at the next level. We will guide you and teach so you can reach the level you want without any problems.

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