Get To Know China In ONE Lesson

Get to know China in ONE lesson! 

With LC Chinese School’s “Get to know China in ONE lesson!” Chinese class, you can learn the skills you need to get around China and see things many foreigners won’t be able to experience.

The “Get to know China in ONE lesson!” Chinese class entirely focuses on what’s most important!

The time for the “Get to know China in ONE lesson!” Chinese class is from 10 am to 12 am CET (4 to 6 pm China time), Monday through Friday, all year long.

Each module in the “Get to know China in ONE lesson!” Chinese class focuses on what you need to know to get around China and make friends there.

Topics that are covered include booking tickets, shopping, and ordering food in China. 

Each module costs 400 CNY. You’ll get the fifth one for free if you sign up for four days.


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“Get to know China in ONE lesson!”: What topics are covered?

Here’s a closer look at our “Get to know China in ONE lesson!” Chinese class. Each day of the week has a different theme to pick what is most essential for you!

Monday: Chinese food!

Do you like Chinese food? Then you will like this module! China has a lot of different kinds of food, which can be scary when trying something new. Not all menus have English or pictures; even if it has, English is often not excellent and easy to understand!

The Monday Module will help you find your way around the beautiful world of Chinese food and keep you from choosing the wrong food.


Tuesday: Travel in China!

What if you want to book hotels, trains and planes when travelling to China? How do you find them and make reservations if you are new to China? China’s big cities are easy to get around, but what about the rest?

This module will help you determine how to buy and book tickets and other essential travel tips. China has some beautiful places you should see, and this module will help you do that.


Wednesday: Socialize in China!

Chat and talk with Chinese people. Travelling is, of course, more than just going to famous places. To learn about the culture of a new country, you should talk to the locals.

We’ll teach you about culture and customs and how to avoid offending people you meet. We will help you make Chinese friends for life.


Thursday: Shopping and bargaining in China!

If you learn Chinese with us, you can haggle, make deals, and save money. In China, there are many deals at markets and stalls, but where to start? How to get the best deal if you don’t know much Mandarin? Where do you even begin? Fear not., as it will become easier for you when taking this module!

You will not only learn Mandarin Chinese you need but also how to get the best deal when buying things in China!


Friday: Going to bars and nightclubs in China!

Time to check out the nightlife! Are you ready for some drinks, romance, and fun? Every Friday night, we help you prepare for the weekend.

You’ll learn where to go, how to order drinks, and also how to flirt in Chinese! 



You can participate in our “Get to know China in ONE lesson!” Chinese class in Guangzhou, Oslo, or Online. Please send us a message in the live chat or by emailing us at

Tell us where you want to study and what day(s) you wish to learn, and we’ll schedule you immediately.

You can study whenever you want. It’s okay if you only want to study on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, or Tuesday and Friday etc. Remember that if you choose Monday through Thursday, Friday is free.

One of our fully qualified Chinese teachers. These teachers teach our standard classes daily and have a lot of experience, so you’ll be in good hands.

A “Get to know China in ONE lesson!” lasts for two hours, between 10 am to 12 pm CET (between 4 pm and 6 pm China time).

We welcome everyone to participate in the program!

To register, please email us at – fill out the registration form below or use the chat box to talk to us.

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