Discover the Joy of Learning Chinese at LC Chinese School’s Summer Camp

The LC Chinese School offers an enriching summer camp program designed for young learners aged 7 to 17. This unique program combines language learning with cultural immersion, providing students with a comprehensive experience that goes beyond the classroom. Here’s what makes the LC Chinese School Summer Camp a standout choice for your child’s summer learning adventure. Read more about the Chinese Summer Camp and register here.

Tailored Learning Experience

The program is meticulously crafted to meet the needs of young students, offering 2 hours of language instruction Monday through Friday, followed by a 1.5-hour “Fun Class.” This structure ensures that students not only learn Chinese in a focused environment but also apply their knowledge in engaging and enjoyable ways.

A Blend of Language and Culture

LC Chinese School’s summer camp emphasizes language development through grammar and vocabulary study, alongside fun activities that introduce students to Chinese culture. From calligraphy and kung fu to tai chi and Chinese music, the Fun Class sessions are designed to make cultural learning exciting and accessible.

Flexible and Interactive Classes

Whether online or in-person in Oslo, Norway, the program offers advanced learning tools, including virtual whiteboards and screen sharing, to enhance the educational experience. Classes are small and interactive, ensuring personalized attention and rapid progress in language skills.

Comprehensive Program Offerings

The summer camp runs for 9 weeks, from June 10th to August 9th, 2024, with options to participate in different program intensities:

  • Summer Camp Program: 2-hour small group class.
  • Summer Camp Program & Fun Class: Additional 1.5-hour fun class.
  • Summer Camp Intensive Program: Includes both the small group class and fun class, plus 2 hours of individual 1-on-1 instruction.

Pricing and Discounts

The camp offers various packages with prices in Chinese Yuan, accommodating different lengths of stay from one week to the entire eight weeks. Discounts are available for groups registering together, making it an excellent option for friends or siblings.

Why Choose LC Chinese School’s Summer Camp?

  • Specialized Curriculum: Tailored for young learners to make rapid progress.
  • Cultural Immersion: Engaging activities that bring Chinese culture to life.
  • Flexible Learning Options: Available online or in-person, with professional and experienced native Chinese teachers.
  • Interactive and Fun: Small group settings ensure an enjoyable and effective learning environment.

The LC Chinese School Summer Camp is more than just a language program; it’s an opportunity for children and teenagers to immerse themselves in Chinese culture, make new friends, and develop valuable language skills that will serve them in a globalized world. The camp’s schedule is filled with diverse activities, ensuring that every day is a new adventure. From calligraphy workshops to virtual tours of China’s most famous sights, students will explore the richness of Chinese traditions and modern life.

Engaging Weekly Themes

Each week offers a unique theme, allowing students to delve into different aspects of Chinese culture. Activities range from tai chi and kung fu classes to workshops on Chinese music, art, and calligraphy. These sessions are not only fun but also educational, providing insights into China’s historical and contemporary cultural practices.

Virtual Tours and Real-world Learning

One of the highlights of the LC Chinese School Summer Camp is the virtual tours of iconic Chinese landmarks. Students will virtually visit places like the Great Wall of China, the Forbidden City, and the Terracotta Army. These virtual excursions complement the language lessons, giving context to the vocabulary and phrases learned in class.

A Supportive Learning Environment

The camp’s teachers are native Chinese speakers who are professional and experienced in teaching young learners. They provide a supportive and engaging learning environment, tailored to the needs of each student. The small group settings ensure that each child receives individual attention, fostering a sense of confidence and achievement in their language learning journey.

Certificates and Completion

At the end of the camp, students receive a certificate of completion, marking their achievements and the progress they’ve made. This certificate is not only a testament to their hard work but also a valuable addition to their academic portfolio.

Making Lifelong Memories

Beyond the language skills and cultural knowledge gained, students will make lasting memories and friendships at the LC Chinese School Summer Camp. The program’s international atmosphere encourages interaction among children and teenagers from various backgrounds, fostering a global perspective and mutual understanding.


The LC Chinese School Summer Camp offers a unique blend of language learning, cultural immersion, and fun activities, making it an ideal choice for young learners looking to explore Chinese culture and language. With its comprehensive program, professional teachers, and engaging curriculum, the camp promises a summer of learning, discovery, and adventure. Whether online or in Oslo, Norway, it’s an opportunity for children and teenagers to expand their horizons and develop skills that will benefit them for years to come.

Read more about the Chinese Summer Camp and register here.


Frequently Asked Questions about LC Chinese School’s Summer Camp

1. Who can attend the LC Chinese School Summer Camp? The summer camp is open to children and teenagers aged 7 to 17 years old. It caters to young learners of all levels interested in learning Chinese and exploring Chinese culture.

2. What does the program include? The program includes 2 hours of Chinese language instruction Monday to Friday, followed by a 1.5-hour Fun Class. The Fun Class involves activities related to Chinese culture, such as calligraphy, kung fu, tai chi, and more. There are also virtual tours of famous Chinese landmarks.

3. Are there different program options available? Yes, there are three main options:

  • A: Summer Camp Program – 2-hour small group class.
  • B: Summer Camp Program & Fun Class – 2 hours of small group class and 1.5 hours of Fun Class.
  • C: Summer Camp Intensive Program – Includes the small group class, Fun Class, and 2 hours of individual 1-on-1 instruction.

4. What is the duration of the summer camp? The summer camp runs for 9 weeks, from June 10th to August 9th, 2024. Students can choose to study for any length of time, from one week to the entire eight weeks.

5. How are the classes conducted? Classes can be attended online or in-person at the school’s location in Oslo, Norway. Online classes utilize advanced learning tools like virtual whiteboards and screen sharing.

6. What are the prices for the summer camp? Prices vary depending on the program option and duration, with detailed pricing available in Chinese Yuan (CNY). Discounts are available for groups registering together.

7. What do the prices include? Prices include language assessment before the start, instruction by native Chinese speaker teachers, digital course materials, and a certificate of completion. The Intensive Program also includes individual 1-on-1 instruction.

8. How can students benefit from the summer camp? Students will make rapid progress in their Chinese language skills, learn about Chinese culture through engaging activities, and have the opportunity to make friends with other young learners from around the world.

9. Are there any discounts available? Yes, buddy discounts are available for groups registering together: 5% off for 2 students, 10% off for 3 students, and 15% off for groups of 5 or more.

10. How can I register or get more information? For registration or more information, interested parties can contact the school directly through the contact information provided on their website.

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