Transport in China: gāotiě 高铁 high-speed rail Part 1

This time we focus on means of transport and high-speed trains in China. The content here is part of a new Chinese course we now offer: Oral Chinese – discussion class. The course is taught by Chen Huimin 陈慧敏

1. tiělù 铁路 train Substantive Measure word: tiáo 条 

Zhōngguó tiělù àn sùdù fēnwéi gāosù tiělù (250 dào 380 gōnglǐ měi xiǎoshí), kuàisù tiělù (160 dào 250 gōnglǐ měixiǎoshí), pǔsù tiělù (80 dào 160 gōnglǐ měixiǎoshí) sān jí.

The Chinese railway is divided into three levels based on speed: high-speed trains (250 to 380 km / h), high-speed trains (160 to 250 km / h) and trains with normal speeds (80 to 160 km / h).

2. gāotiě 高 铁 high-speed train Noun

Abbreviation for gāosù (high speed) tiělù (train) 高速 铁路

3. lǐchéng 里程 distance, mileage Noun


Zhōngguó gāosù tiělù yíngyè lǐchéng jū quánqiú dì yī (hángàile 200 gōnglǐ měixiǎoshí, 250 gōnglǐ měixiǎoshí, 300 gōnglǐ měi xiǎoshí hé 350 gōnglǐ měixiǎoshí sì zhǒng sùdù děngjí).

China’s high-speed train is the best in the world in terms of distance (it includes four speed classes of 200 km / h, 250 km / h, 300 km / h and 350 km / h).

4. fādá 发达 developed, well-developed Adjective

Chúle Zhōngguó yǐwài, háiyǒu qítā guójiā gāotiě yě hěn fādá, bǐrú: Rìběn, Déguó, Fàguó.
In addition to China, there are also other countries that are very well developed when it comes to high-speed trains, such as Japan, Germany and France.

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