Holidays in China in 2023

The Chinese New Year, Tomb Sweeping Day, Labour Day, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid Autumn Festival, and National Holiday are the six national holidays observed in China each year.

It is essential to notice that many holidays, such as Chinese New Year, and Mid-Autumn Festival, are based on the Chinese Lunar Calendar. Hence, the dates change each year.

Government offices and banks are closed in China on public holidays. However, some employees are frequently present.

Some establishments will remain open during the holidays. Most large malls, tourist sites, public transportation, hotels, and restaurants will stay open or even extend their hours.

During Chinese New Year, most businesses in China, except for hotels and large restaurants, close for up to a week.

Chinese name English name Date
yuándàn 元旦
International New Year
31.12.22 - 2.1.23
chūnjié 春节
Chinese New Year
21.1 - 27.1.23
qīngmíng jié 清明节
Tomb Sweeping Day
3.4 - 5.4.23
láodòng jié 劳动节
Labor Day
duānwǔ jié 端午节
Dragon Boat Festival
22.6 - 23.6.23
zhōngqiū jié 中秋节
Mid-Autumn Festival
guóqìng jié 国庆节
Golden Week
1.10 - 7.10.23
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Chinese name English name Date
yuánxiāo jié 元宵节
Lantern Festival
fùnǚ jié 妇女节
International Women's Day
qīngnián jié 青年节
Youth Day
értóng jié 儿童节
Children's Day
qīxì 七夕
Chinese Valentine's Day
jiàoshī jié 教师节
Teachers' Day
shuāng shíyī 双十一
Single's Day
dōngzhì 冬至
Winter Solstice

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