China’s 2024 Official Holiday Schedule

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These are the holiday schedules 2024, as announced recently by the State Council Office on their official Weibo account.

New Year’s Day (元旦 – Yuándàn)

January 1st will be a day off, combined with the weekend.

Spring Festival (春节 – Chūnjié), Chinese New Year

February 10th-17th will be days off, totaling 8 days.

February 4th (Sunday) and February 18th (Sunday) will be regular workdays.

It is encouraged for organizations to combine paid annual leave and other systems to allow employees to rest on Chinese New Year’s Eve (February 9th).

Tomb-Sweeping Day (清明节 – Qīngmíng jié)

April 4th-6th will be days off, totaling 3 days.

April 7th (Sunday) will be a regular workday.

Labour Day (劳动节 – Láodòng jié)

May 1st-5th will be days off, totaling 5 days. 

April 28th (Sunday) and May 11th (Saturday) will be regular workdays.

Dragon Boat Festival (端午节 – Duānwǔ jié)

June 10th will be a day off, combined with the weekend.

Mid-Autumn Festival (中秋节 – Zhōngqiū jié)

September 15th-17th will be days off, totaling 3 days.

September 14th (Saturday) will be a regular workday.

National Day (国庆节 – Guóqìng jié)

October 1st-7th will be days off, totaling 7 days.

September 29th (Sunday) and October 12th (Saturday) will be regular workdays.

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Please note that while some holidays, like the Spring Festival and Dragon Boat Festival, are based on the lunar calendar and have fixed dates in 2024, others, like International Women’s Day and Youth Day, are observed with half-days or are specific to certain groups.

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