The Expressions To Order Take-Away Food In China Like A Local

Anyone visiting or living in China must try some of the country’s unique and delicious food. Chinese take-way is a popular choice for locals and visitors, and it’s an easy way to try the food. This essay will give you some essential Chinese words and phrases for interacting with delivery people.

Common function keys for Meituan

Meituan 美团, a well-known food delivery app in China, offers several essential function keys that users can use to navigate the program.

  1. 首页 (shǒu yè) – Home: You can browse restaurants and menus on the app’s home screen by pressing this key to go there.
  2. 购物车 (gòu wù chē) – Shopping Cart: By using this button, you may access your shopping cart and see the products you’ve added.
  3. 订单 (dìng dān) – Orders: You may view your order history here, along with the status of your pending orders.
  4. 搜索 (sōu suǒ) – Search: With the use of this key, you can look up particular foods, eateries, or keywords.
  5. 地址 (dì zhǐ) – Address: You can enter or modify your delivery address with this key.
  6. 我的 (wǒ de) – My Account: You may check your profile, payment options, and other preferences on your account page by pressing this key.
  7. 优惠券 (yōu huì quàn) – Coupons: This key displays any coupons or discounts that are available for use on your order.
  8. 地图 (dì tú) – Map Location: With this key, you may see the restaurant’s location and follow the delivery person in real-time.
  9. 消息 (xiāo xī) – Messages: This key displays any orders-related messages or alerts, such as delivery status updates or restaurant alerts.
  10. 帮助中心 (bāng zhù zhōng xīn) – Help Center: You can use this key to gain access to Meituan’s help center, where you can browse commonly asked questions or get in touch with customer support.

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Common phrases and expressions to communicate with delivery drivers

  1. 请问您大概什么时间能送到?(Qǐng wèn nín dà gài shén me shí jiān néng sòng dào?) – Could you please tell me when you will deliver the food?
  2. 麻烦您到门口送,谢谢。(Má fán nín dào mén kǒu sòng, xiè xiè.) – Could you please deliver the food to the doorstep? Thank you.
  3. 麻烦您在门口等一下,我马上下来。(Má fán nín zài mén kǒu děng yī xià, wǒ mǎ shàng xià lái.) – Could you please wait at the door, I will come down soon.
  4. 麻烦您再等我五分钟。(Má fán nín zài děng wǒ wǔ fēn zhōng.) – Could you please wait for me for five more minutes?
  5. 麻烦您把食物放在桌子上。(Má fán nín bǎ shí wù fàng zài zhuō zi shàng.) – Could you please place the food on the table?

Common Chinese phrases for ordering take-away food

  1. 我想重新下一个订单。 (Wǒ xiǎng chóng xīn xià yī gè dìng dān.) – I want to place a new order.
  2. 这个菜有没有葱姜蒜? (Zhè gè cài yǒu méi yǒu cōng jiāng suàn?) – Does this dish contain onion, ginger, or garlic?
  3. 我想使用优惠券。 (Wǒ xiǎng shǐ yòng yōu huì quàn.) – I want to use a coupon.
  4. 这道菜可以不放葱吗? (Zhè dào cài kě yǐ bù fàng cōng ma?) – Can this dish be made without onion?
  5. 我想添加一些酱料。 (Wǒ xiǎng tiān jiā yī xiē jiàng liào.) – I want to add some sauce.
  6. 我想取消这个订单。 (Wǒ xiǎng qǔ xiāo zhè gè dìng dān.) – I want to cancel this order.
  7. 麻烦再帮我确认一下地址。 (Má fán zài bāng wǒ què rèn yī xià dì zhǐ.) – Could you please confirm my address again?
  8. 我想添加一个配菜 。(Wǒ xiǎng tiān jiā yī gè pèi cài.) – I want to add a side dish.

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