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Colours in Chinese: Learn the most important colours in Mandarin Chinese

Knowing how to say all the colours in Mandarin Chinese is an excellent way of learning the language. This is especially true when it comes to teaching kids. So, if you are a parent or teacher trying to teach your kids Chinese, start early on with the colours.


Chinese language and culture 

Chinese language and culture are intertwined. When we talk about colours in Chinese, we can introduce some fun facts to children.

The Chinese believe that red is a lucky colour. Chinese people use the colour red for weddings, birthday parties, and festival decorations.
In old China, the colour of the emperor was yellow. And the Chinese see yellow as a lucky colour.

Do remember that most of the time, Chinese words for colours have the word sè 色 colour at the end. What that means is that hóng 红 red is hóngsè 红色 – red colour. Huáng 黄 – yellow is huángsè 黄色 – yellow color.


Colours are an essential part of learning Chinese for children

When children know the names of colours, they can point to things that are different colours, describe them, and make links between things they see, use, and play with every day. Because of this, learning Chinese colours is an entertaining thing for kids to do.


The basic colours in Chinese

chéngsè 橙色 – orange

fěnhóngsè 粉红色 – pink

hēisè 黑色 – black

hóngsè 红色 – red

huángsè 黄色 – yellow

huīsè 灰色 – grey

lánsè 蓝色 -blue

lǜsè 绿色 – green

zǐsè 紫色 – purple

báisè 白色 – white


A game for children: What colour do you see?

Do you remember all the Chinese words for the colours now? Here is a game that you can play with children. Use different sentences and have fun with colours!

1. Nà shì shénme yánsè? 那是什么颜色? What colour is it?

2. Zhè shì 这是 。。。This is ____ (insert colour).

3. Wǒ xǐhuān 我喜欢 I like _____. (insert colour)

4. _____ (thing), “colour + thing”.
For example: lánsè zìxíngchē 蓝色自行车 A blue bicycle.

People say these sentences all the time. You can print them out and give them to the kids to use in everyday life.


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Colourful things

xiǎo bái tù 小白兔 a white rabbit
huáng jú 黄菊 yellow chrysanthemum
lánsè zìxíngchē 蓝色自行车 a blue bike
hóng píngguǒ 红苹果 red apples
zǐsè màozi 紫色帽子 a purple hat
lǜ cǎo 绿草 green grass
fěnhóng wǔxié 粉红舞鞋 pink dancing shoes
hēisè hézi 黑色盒子 a black box


Sentences with colours

Wǒ xiǎngyāo mǎi yīshuāng hóngsè xiézi.
I want to buy a pair of red shoes.

Tā zuìxǐhuān de yánsè shì lánsè.
His favorite color is blue.





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