Fashion Forward: Stylish Vocabulary for Shopping and Apparel in Mandarin

Everyone loves shopping! But, do you get lost when shopping in Chinese-speaking areas? No need to worry. This article will teach you important Chinese vocabulary and Mandarin words. These words will make shopping smooth and stylish in China.

Wonder how to ask about size, price, or discounts in Mandarin? Imagine speaking smoothly to local shop owners and picking the perfect outfit. Believe it or not, learning a few key words will change how you shop. It’s exciting, isn’t it? Let’s start learning Chinese language for shopping and clothes right now!

Shopping in Chinese – The Basics

Shopping in Chinese-speaking countries is easier with the right words. Knowing key vocabulary will improve your time shopping. Let’s look at some important words and phrases!

The Term for “To Go Shopping”

购物 (gòuwù) is a critical phrase meaning “to go shopping” in Chinese. It’s used a lot in shopping talks. Learning it can really help you.

Other Basic Words and Phrases

Here are some more essential words and phrases:

购物中心 (gòu wù zhòng xīn) – Shopping mall

买 (mǎi) – To buy

These terms are great to know for different shopping places. Practice them for a better shopping trip!

Shopping in Chinese – The Sizes

Shopping in a Chinese-speaking country means knowing the sizes in Chinese. This helps you find clothes that fit just right. We’ll cover some key size words:

Size Vocabulary

  • 小号 (xiǎo hào) – small
  • 中号 (zhōng hào) – medium
  • 大号 (dà hào) – large
  • 特大号 (tè dà hào) – extra-large

These words are important when buying clothes. They help you talk to the salespeople. Or figure out the size on your own. If you’re after something fashionable, like a top or pants, knowing these sizes will help you a lot.

Shopping in Chinese – Prices and Discounts

When shopping in China, it’s key to know how to talk about prices and discounts. In Mandarin, ask “这个多少钱?(zhège duōshǎo qián?)” for “How much is this?” Make sure to remember this for when you’re exploring items to buy.

To score a good deal, use “有折扣吗?(yǒu zhékòu ma?)”. This means “Is there a discount?” It’s great when you’re curious about store offers.

Using these phrases will help you shop with more confidence in China. You’ll know how to ask about prices and look for good deals.

Shopping in Chinese – Quiz

Take our fun quiz to test your shopping vocab in Chinese! Match the words and their meanings to see how well you do.

  1. Word/Phrase: 购物
    Meaning: To go shopping
  2. Word/Phrase: 购物中心
    Meaning: Shopping mall
  3. Word/Phrase:
    Meaning: To buy
  4. Word/Phrase: 小号
    Meaning: Small
  5. Word/Phrase: 中号
    Meaning: Medium
  6. Word/Phrase: 大号
    Meaning: Large
  7. Word/Phrase: 特大号
    Meaning: Extra large
  8. Word/Phrase: 这个多少钱?
    Meaning: How much is this?
  9. Word/Phrase: 有折扣吗?
    Meaning: Is there a discount?

How to Say Crop Top in Chinese

In Chinese, a crop top is known as 短款上衣 (duǎn kuǎn shàng yī). 短款 (duǎn kuǎn) tells you it’s a “short style.” 上衣 (shàng yī) means top or upper garment. Next time you shop for a crop top in a Chinese-speaking place, use 短款上衣 (duǎn kuǎn shàng yī).

Take a look at this table for more fashion words in Chinese:

Vocabulary Translation
衣服 (yī fú) clothes
裙子 (qún zi) skirt
鞋子 (xié zi) shoes
裤子 (kù zi) pants
连衣裙 (lián yī qún) dress
外套 (wài tào) coat

Now you’ve got more words to talk about your style. It helps you understand fashion in Mandarin.

How to Style a Crop Top

Crop tops are great for making stylish outfits. Whether it’s for a night out or a chill day, they offer many ways to show your style. From casual to fancy, you can find the look that fits you best.

1. Pair with High-Waisted Bottoms

Pairing a crop top with high-waisted bottoms is a favorite. It makes your legs look longer and gives a nice shape. You choose what’s best for you – high-waisted jeans, skirts, or shorts.

2. Layer with Other Clothing Pieces

Layering a crop top with other clothes is smart. Try a cardigan, blazer, or denim jacket over it. This makes your outfit more interesting and lets you wear your crop top any time of the year.

3. Accessorize with Statement Pieces

Adding statement accessories can take your look to the next level. Consider big earrings, a bold belt, or a standout necklace. These pieces show off your style and grab attention.

4. Mix and Match Different Styles and Textures

Trying out new combinations in styling a crop top can be fun. Mix it with a boho skirt or leather pants for a cool twist. Exploring these mixes helps you find your own unique style.

“Crop tops are versatile pieces that can be dressed up or down, making them a staple in any fashion-forward wardrobe.”

Fashion is your chance to have fun and be yourself. Combining different pieces and accessories the right way can create a great outfit. With tips like using high-waisted bottoms and mixing textures, you can confidently wear a crop top in style.


Learning key words in Mandarin about shopping and fashion can change everything. It helps a lot when you’re in Chinese-speaking countries. You’ll feel more confident talking and shopping.

Knowing the basics, like how to ask prices or shopping in Mandarin, is very useful. These include gòuwù for shopping and zhège duōshǎo qián? to ask ‘how much?’. This list covers everything you need.

So, be ready to bump up your fashion talk. By learning more chinese words and Mandarin vocabulary, you’ll do great in shopping and fit right in with the fashion scene. Start today and discover new shopping wonders!


What is the term for “to go shopping” in Chinese?

In Chinese, “to go shopping” is “购物(gòuwù)”.

What are some basic words and phrases for shopping in Chinese?

For shopping in Chinese, you’ll need words like “购物中心 (gòu wù zhòng xīn)”, which means shopping mall. You’ll also use “买 (mǎi)”, which means to buy.

What are the Chinese words for different sizes when shopping for clothes?

Sizes for shopping clothes in Chinese are 小号 (xiǎo hào) for small, 中号 (zhōng hào) for medium, 大号 (dà hào) for large, and 特大号 (tè dà hào) for extra large.

How do I ask about prices when shopping in Chinese?

When shopping in Chinese, ask “这个多少钱?(zhège duōshǎo qián?)” It means “How much is this?”

How do I inquire about discounts when shopping in Chinese?

To ask about discounts in Chinese, say “有折扣吗?(yǒu zhékòu ma?)” It means “Is there a discount?”

How can I test my knowledge of shopping vocabulary in Chinese?

Test your shopping vocabulary knowledge with our quiz! Match words and phrases to their meanings and see how you do.

What is a crop top called in Chinese?

A crop top in Chinese is known as “短款上衣 (duǎn kuǎn shàng yī)”.

How can I style a crop top?

Styling a crop top is fun. You can wear it with high-waisted bottoms or layer it. Add statement accessories. Or try mixing different styles and textures.

How can learning the essential vocabulary for shopping and fashion in Mandarin enhance my shopping experiences?

Essential shopping and fashion vocab in Mandarin helps you speak with salespeople. Understand size references. You’ll know how to ask about prices and find deals. Navigate fashion in Chinese-speaking areas better.

How can mastering Chinese vocabulary for shopping improve my conversations?

Knowing Chinese shopping words enhances your talks. You can share likes, seek help, bargain, and talk fashion with more assurance.

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