A guide to the four seasons of the year in China

You can always find cozy and adorable things to do and see in China, no matter what time of year you go. Whether taking a stroll through a cherry blossom garden in the spring or sipping hot tea by a fire in the winter, China has something to offer everyone.

Spring (春天 chūn tiān)

In China, spring typically begins in March and lasts through May. The flowers and trees start to bloom, and the weather is often warm and pleasant. The cherry blossom season attracts many tourists during this time and is one of the most well-known events. It occurs in cities like Shanghai and Beijing.

Summer (夏天 xià tiān)

China’s summer lasts from June through August, the warmest time. Be hydrated and wear light clothing because some places can experience temperatures as high as 40°C. Visit one of the many stunning beaches, and lakes found nationwide during this season for one of the finest ways to cool off.

Autumn (秋天 qiū tiān)

In China, the fall season lasts from September to November. The trees’ leaves are starting to change color, and the weather is pleasant and comfortable, making for picturesque surroundings—the time of year when various crops, including wheat and rice, are harvested.

Winter (冬天 dōng tiān)

China’s winter, which lasts from December to February, is the country’s coldest time. Wearing warm gear is essential because temperatures can fall below freezing in some places. The Chinese New Year celebrations, which happen in January or February, are just one of the many parties that occur in the winter.

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Some significant festivals take place throughout the four seasons.

Spring (春天 chūn tiān)

春节 Chūnjié – Chinese New Year (Spring Festival)

This one is the most significant celebration in China, typically in late January or early February. Families gather during this time to eat traditional meals and participate in fun activities like dragon and lion dances.

清明节 Qīngmíng jié – Qingming Festival

Families can honor their ancestors at the Qingming Festival, which usually takes place at the beginning of April. They can do this by washing their graves and giving their ancestors food and flowers.

Summer (夏天 xià tiān)

端午节 Duānwǔ jié – Dragon Boat Festival

This festival, which typically takes place in June, includes:

  • Dragon boat races.
  • Eating zongzi.
  • Hanging aromatic herbs on repelling insects.

七夕节 Qīxì jié – Qixi Festival (Chinese Valentine’s Day)

Couples celebrate their commitment to one another and their love for one another during this festival.

Autumn (秋天 qiū tiān)

中秋节 Zhōngqiū jié – Mid-Autumn Festival

This event is held in September or the first part of October for families to gather together and enjoy mooncakes, a classic pastry with sweet fillings. The full moon and quality time with loved ones are also crucial during this period.

重阳节 Chóngyáng jié – Double Ninth Festival

At this event, which takes place on the ninth day of the ninth lunar month, people climb mountains, take in the beauty of chrysanthemum blossoms, and pay respect to the elderly.

Winter (冬天 dōng tiān)

冬至 Dōngzhì – Winter Solstice Festival

Families can gather during this holiday to consume tangyuan (sweet glutinous rice balls) and other winter snacks. It typically takes place on December 21 or 22.

腊八节 Làbā jié – Laba Festival

This event is usually held in the first few days of January. People eat Laba porridge made of beans, grains, and fruits to celebrate the Buddha’s awakening.


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