How to order a beer in Chinese like a pro?

It can be useful to know how to order beer in Mandarin. Knowing how to order beer can make it easier for you to use menus and interact with locals if you’re visiting China. Also, it helps you avoid misunderstandings or placing orders for items you do not desire.

Some common verbs can be used in Chinese to order a beer.

给我 (gěi wǒ) – give me

  • 给我一杯啤酒。(Gěi wǒ yì bēi píjiǔ.) – Give me a glass of beer.

来 (lái) – bring

  • 来一瓶啤酒。(Lái yì píng píjiǔ.) – Bring a bottle of beer.

要 (yào) – want

  • 我要一瓶啤酒。(Wǒ yào yì píng píjiǔ.) – I want a bottle of beer.

点 (diǎn) – order (used in the context of ordering food or drinks)

  • 点一杯啤酒。(Diǎn yì bēi píjiǔ.) – Order a glass of beer.

喝 (hē) – drink (used to request a specific beverage to drink)

  • 喝一瓶啤酒。(Hē yì píng píjiǔ.) – Drink a bottle of beer.

尝 (cháng) – try/taste (used to indicate you want to try a beer)

  • 尝一下这里的啤酒。(Cháng yīxià zhèlǐ de píjiǔ.) – Try the beer here.

叫 (jiào) – call (used to request a waiter or bartender to come over to take an order)

  • 叫服务员来点啤酒。(Jiào fúwùyuán lái diǎn píjiǔ.) – Call the waiter over to order beer.
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Some ways to order different kinds of beer in Chinese

1. Order a specific brand of beer:

  • 给我一瓶青岛啤酒。(Gěi wǒ yì píng qīngdǎo píjiǔ.) – Give me a bottle of Tsingtao beer.
  • 请来一瓶百威啤酒。(Qǐng lái yì píng bǎiwēi píjiǔ.) – Please bring a bottle of Budweiser beer.

2. Order a type of beer based on the brewing process:

  • 给我一杯生啤酒。(Gěi wǒ yì bēi shēng píjiǔ.) – Give me a glass of draft beer.

3. Order a type of beer based on the flavor profile:

  • 我想要一杯淡啤酒。(Wǒ xiǎng yào yì bēi dàn píjiǔ.) – I would like a glass of light beer.
  • 请来一瓶黑啤酒。(Qǐng lái yì píng hēi píjiǔ.) – Please bring a bottle of dark beer.
  • 给我来一桶苦啤酒。(Gěi wǒ lái yì tǒng kǔ píjiǔ.) – Give me a keg of bitter beer.

4. Order a type of beer based on the region it is from:

  • 请给我一瓶德国啤酒。(Qǐng gěi wǒ yì píng déguó píjiǔ.) – Please give me a bottle of German beer.
  • 给我来一桶比利时啤酒。(Gěi wǒ lái yì tǒng bǐlìshí píjiǔ.) – Give me a keg of Belgian beer.

Remember to use the proper measure phrase for the beer container you order. Use “杯bēi” for a glass, “瓶píng” for a bottle, and “tǒng桶” for a keg, for instance. Also, remember to ask for anything politely by using words like “请qǐng.”


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