Do you want to learn business Chinese?

For those who want to learn the basic use of business Chinese as a foreign language, we at Learn Chinese are now proud to be a Chinese language school that offers both offline (classroom teaching Chinese Oslo) and online Chinese courses on Chinese business language and business culture.

This is a Mandarin course that includes business reception, this includes receiving guests, taking a taxi, registering for the hotel and exchanging foreign currency at the bank, arranging business meal etc. You will learn a wide range of Chinese characters and Chinese words related to business negotiations in China, signing contracts, including bargaining price, seeking business partners, visiting Chinese restaurants with business contacts, searching for Chinese suppliers and sales agents, etc.

If you want to do business in China, we recommend that you contact Nordic China Business Hub for help. Read more about them here.

All students who are interested in doing business with China, who have previously studied Mandarin and taken a Chinese language course, can choose this course. While we provide a detailed explanation of vocabulary, words and expressions, grammar and text make it easier to learn from scratch.

We now offer a course on Chinese business language. Since China has grown to be the most significant economic body in the world, learning Chinese will significantly increase your business with China, the largest supplier in the world market. Through this course you will learn the basic aspects and the primary use of Chinese Mandarin used to conduct business.


Any student who is interested in business Chinese can take the course in business Chinese. In our teaching, we focus on detailed explanations of Chinese vocabulary, grammar and texts related to business in China.

However, since business Chinese is more formal and sophisticated in language than every day Chinese, it is strongly recommended that students take some basic introductory courses in Chinese before taking the Chinese business course.

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