How to Book a Hotel in Chinese HSK1 – HSK2

Making hotel reservations is one of the most important things to do while traveling to China or any other Chinese-speaking location. Acquiring knowledge of appropriate language and cultural customs can facilitate this procedure. This article will walk you through the process and explain important Mandarin Chinese terms.

Essential Vocabulary

  • 酒店 (jiǔ diàn) – Hotel
  • 预订 (yù dìng) – Book/reserve
  • 房间 (fáng jiān) – Room
  • 单人房 (dān rén fáng) – Single room
  • 双人房 (shuāng rén fáng) – Double room
  • 套房 (tào fáng) – Suite
  • 入住日期 (rù zhù rì qī) – Check-in date
  • 退房日期 (tuì fáng rì qī) – Check-out date
  • 价格 (jià gé) – Price
  • 免费 (miǎn fèi) – Free

Making the Reservation

Whether you’re calling, visiting in person, or booking online, here are some useful phrases:

  • 我想预订一个房间。 (Wǒ xiǎng yù dìng yī gè fáng jiān.) – I would like to book a room.
  • 你们有空房间吗? (Nǐmen yǒu kòng fáng jiān ma?) – Do you have any available rooms?
  • 我要一个双人房。 (Wǒ yào yī gè shuāng rén fáng.) – I want a double room.

Asking About Amenities

  • 房间有无线网络吗? (Fáng jiān yǒu wú xiàn wǎng luò ma?) Does the room have WiFi?
  • 早餐包括在价格里吗? (Zǎo cān bāo kuò zài jià gé lǐ ma?) – Is breakfast included in the price?

Confirming the Reservation

  • 请确认我的预订。 (Qǐng què rèn wǒ de yù dìng.) – Please confirm my reservation.
  • 我的预订是从…到…。 (Wǒ de yù dìng shì cóng…dào…) – My reservation is from… to…

Checking In and Checking Out

  • 我有一个预订,名字是…。 (Wǒ yǒu yī gè yù dìng, míng zì shì…) – I have a reservation under the name…
  • 我想退房。 (Wǒ xiǎng tuì fáng.) – I would like to check out.

Cultural Tips

  • Payment Methods: In China, electronic payment methods like Alipay (支付宝) and WeChat Pay (微信支付) are popular. Having these apps or inquiring beforehand is beneficial if the hotel accepts international credit cards.
  • Tipping: Unlike many Western countries, tipping is uncommon in Chinese hotels. Offering a tip might even confuse some staff members.

In conclusion, while booking a hotel in China might seem daunting initially, with the correct vocabulary and cultural understanding, it becomes straightforward. 

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