How to describe different types of weather in Chinese?

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Everyone learning Chinese needs to be able to recognize and describe several kinds of terrible weather. Your talks with native speakers become more engaging, and it also helps you stay informed about the weather and be prepared for it. You can discuss every type of weather in Chinese with this article’s vocabulary, phrases, and advice.

Various types of weather in Chinese

Sunny and clear weather:

晴天 (qíng tiān) – Sunny day

太阳 (tài yáng) – Sun

晴朗 (qíng lǎng) – Clear

Cloudy and overcast weather:

多云 (duō yún) – Cloudy

阴天 (yīn tiān) – Overcast day

阴暗 (yīn àn) – Gloomy

Rain and storms:

雨 (yǔ) – Rain

下雨 (xià yǔ) – Raining

小雨 (xiǎo yǔ) – Light rain

中雨 (zhōng yǔ) – Moderate rain

大雨 (dà yǔ) – Heavy rain

暴雨 (bào yǔ) – Torrential rain

雷雨 (léi yǔ) – Thunderstorm

雷电 (léi diàn) – Lightning

Snow and ice:

雪 (xuě) – Snow

下雪 (xià xuě) – Snowing

小雪 (xiǎo xuě) – Light snow

大雪 (dà xuě) – Heavy snow

冰雹 (bīng báo) – Hail

冰冻 (bīng dòng) – Freezing

Windy weather:

风 (fēng) – Wind

刮风 (guā fēng) – Windy

小风 (xiǎo fēng) – Light wind

大风 (dà fēng) – Strong wind

飓风 (jù fēng) – Hurricane

台风 (tái fēng) – Typhoon

Fog and haze:

雾 (wù) – Fog

大雾 (dà wù) – Dense fog

雾霾 (wù mái) – Haze

Temperature-related weather:

冷 (lěng) – Cold

凉爽 (liáng shuǎng) – Cool

暖和 (nuǎn huo) – Warm

炎热 (yán rè) – Hot

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Chinese weather forecasts

Whether you live in, travel to, or are otherwise interested in China, it can be helpful to understand Chinese weather forecasts. You can prepare for your activities, pack the right clothes, and change your travel plans by being aware of weather predictions.

Related Chinese words and phrases

气温 (qìwēn) – Temperature

高温 (gāowēn) – High temperature

低温 (dīwēn) – Low temperature

湿度 (shīdù) – Humidity

风速 (fēngsù) – Wind speed

风向 (fēngxiàng) – Wind direction

晴天 (qíngtiān) – Sunny day

多云 (duōyún) – Cloudy

阴天 (yīntiān) – Overcast day

Related Chinese Sentences

Jīntiān Guǎngzhōu tiānqì qínglǎng, zuìgāo qìwēn 32 shèshìdù, zuìdī qìwēn 25 shèshìdù. 


Today, Guangzhou’s weather is sunny and clear, with a high temperature of 32 degrees Celsius and a low temperature of 25 degrees Celsius.


Míngtiān Guǎngzhōu duōyún zhuǎn yīn, kěnéng huì xià xiǎoyǔ, qìwēn zài 24 zhì 28 shèshìdù zhī jiān.


Tomorrow, Guangzhou will be cloudy, turning overcast, with a chance of light rain and temperatures ranging from 24 to 28 degrees Celsius.


Hòutiān yùjì Guǎngzhōu jiāng yínglái yī chǎng léi zhèn yǔ, qìwēn lüè yǒu xiàjiàng, jièyú 22 zhì 26 shèshìdù zhī jiān.


The day after tomorrow, Guangzhou is expected to experience a thunderstorm, with temperatures slightly dropping between 22 and 26 degrees Celsius.


Zhè zhōumò, Guǎngzhōu qìwēn jiāng zhújiàn huíshēng, zhōurì zuìgāo qìwēn kědá 30 shèshìdù. 


Over the weekend, temperatures in Guangzhou will gradually rise, with Sunday’s high temperature reaching 30 degrees Celsius.


Xià zhōuyī Guǎngzhōu tiānqì zhuǎn qíng, kōngqì zhìliàng liánghǎo, shìyí hùwài huódòng. 


Following Monday, Guangzhou’s weather will turn sunny, with good air quality, making it suitable for outdoor activities.


Is there a big difference in climate between northern and southern China?

Indeed, the climates in northern and southern China do differ significantly. Due to its size and geographic characteristics, China is a vast country with many climates.

The weather in northern China is typically defined by lengthy, chilly winters and brief, hot summers. The area experiences a continental climate, with wintertime lows that are below freezing. Summers, however, can be sweltering and arid. Strong winds are another characteristic of this region, especially in the spring.

Contrarily, the subtropical climate of southern China offers long, hot, and humid summers and mild to warm winters. Moreover, the area experiences a more prominent rainy season from April to September, which receives more rainfall than the north. With year-round mild temperatures and high humidity levels, the climate in some areas of southern China almost qualifies as tropical.

If I travel to China in the summer, what should I do to prepare for the weather?

Traveling to China in the summer might be profitable. The following tips can assist you in getting ready for your trip:

  • Check the local weather forecast;
  • Pack appropriate clothing;
  • Stay hydrated;
  • Sun protection;
  • Prepare for rain;
  • Be mindful of air conditioning;
  • Know local customs;
  • Plan outdoor activities wisely.

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