How to request a raise in Mandarin for a promotion and salary

In any culture, asking for a raise or promotion can be scary, but it can be especially tough in the Chinese business world. This article will help you determine how to ask for a promotion and a raise at a Chinese workplace. It will cover essential parts of Chinese business culture, how to prepare, language tips, ways to negotiate, and more.

Understanding Chinese Business Culture

To ask for a promotion and raise in a Chinese workplace, it’s critical to understand key aspects of the local business culture.

Hierarchy and respect

Respect and hierarchy are heavily emphasized in Chinese corporate culture. Always be respectful of your superiors, and make sure to address them with the proper titles and vocabulary.

Building relationships (Guanxi)

Relationships, or guanxi, are significant in Chinese commercial interactions. Develop good relationships with coworkers and bosses to increase your chances of getting promotions or pay raises.


Maintaining one’s face is essential in Chinese culture. When requesting a salary or promotion raise, avoid putting your manager in an awkward or embarrassing position, as this can harm your chances of success.

Language Tips for Asking for a Promotion and Salary Increase

Politeness and indirectness

When requesting a promotion or pay increase, use polite and oblique language. This promotes a positive working environment and demonstrates regard for

Using the right vocabulary

Learn the words and phrases to discuss promotions and pay raises in Chinese. Doing this will express your request more clearly and show that you understand different cultures.

Expressing gratitude

Throughout the conversation, keep thanking your manager for their advice and assistance. This creates a positive environment and shows your appreciation for their leadership.

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Valid Chinese words and phrases

提升 (tíshēng) – Promotion

加薪 (jiāxīn) – Salary increase or raise

薪资 (xīnzī) – Salary

职位 (zhíwèi) – Position or job title

业绩 (yèjī) – Performance or achievement

工作表现 (gōngzuò biǎoxiàn) – Job performance

职责 (zhízé) – Responsibilities or duties

奖金 (jiǎngjīn) – Bonus

请教 (qǐngjiào) – To ask for advice or guidance

谈判 (tánpàn) – Negotiation

期望 (qīwàng) – Expectation

行业标准 (hángyè biāozhǔn) – Industry standard

市场调查 (shìchǎng diàochá) – Market research

工资水平 (gōngzī shuǐpíng) – Salary level

Useful Chinese sentences

  1. 根据市场调查,我的薪资似乎低于行业标准。 (Gēnjù shìchǎng diàochá, wǒ de xīnzī sìhū dīyú hángyè biāozhǔn.) – According to market research, my salary seems to be below industry standards.
  2. 根据我的业绩,我希望公司能够考虑提高我的薪资水平。 (Gēnjù wǒ de yèjī, wǒ xīwàng gōngsī nénggòu kǎolǜ tígāo wǒ de xīnzī shuǐpíng.) – Based on my performance, I hope the company can consider increasing my salary level.
  3. 我们是否可以商定一个适当的时间来评估我的加薪和提升要求? (Wǒmen shìfǒu kěyǐ shāngdìng yīgè shìdàng de shíjiān lái pínggū wǒ de jiāxīn hé tíshēng yāoqiú?) – Can we agree on an appropriate time to evaluate my salary increase and promotion request?
  4. 我相信经过合理的调整,我的薪资可以更好地反映我的价值。 (Wǒ xiāngxìn jīngguò hélǐ de tiáozhěng, wǒ de xīnzī kěyǐ gèng hǎo de fǎnyìng wǒ de jiàzhí.) – I believe that with reasonable adjustments, my salary can better reflect my value.
  5. 我已经为公司创造了很多价值,希望能得到相应的回报。 (Wǒ yǐjīng wèi gōngsī chuàngzàole hěnduō jiàzhí, xīwàng néng dédào xiāngyìng de huíbào.) – I have already created a lot of value for the company and hope to receive corresponding rewards.


What is the best time to ask for a promotion or salary increase in a Chinese workplace?

When your boss is feeling upbeat or following the conclusion of a large project with promising outcomes, it is the ideal time to request a promotion or pay raise.

How should I address my manager when discussing a promotion or salary increase?

When speaking to your manager, use polite language and proper titles. Using too much informal language or slang could be seen as rude.

What should I do if my manager refuses my promotion or salary increase request?

If your manager rejects your request, get advice on your areas for improvement and develop a strategy to solve these issues. Show that you are dedicated to the company’s growth and consider returning to the request later.

How can I demonstrate my value to the company before requesting a promotion or salary increase?

Actively look for ways to help the business succeed, such as volunteering for extra duties or participating in high-profile projects. Maintain a record of your accomplishments and use them to support your request for a promotion or pay raise.


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