How to Talk About Gardening in Chinese: A Beginner’s Guide


The joy and happiness gardening may bring its participants transcends all cultural boundaries. Suppose you love gardening and are studying Mandarin Chinese. In that case, this book will help you increase your vocabulary and make it possible to talk about your favorite hobby in a foreign language. We’ll go through all the terminology you need to discuss this green-fingered pastime, from the most fundamental to the more specialized ones.

Basic Gardening Vocabulary

Here are some of the essential gardening words and phrases in Chinese, along with their pinyin to help with pronunciation:

Garden – Huāyuán (花园)

Plant – Zhíwù (植物)

Flower – Huā (花)

Tree – Shù (树)

Grass – Cǎo (草)

Leaf – Yèzi (叶子)

Soil – Tǔrǎng (土壤)

Seeds – Zhǒngzi (种子)

Watering – Jiāoshuǐ (浇水)

Pruning – Jiǎnzhi (剪枝)

Gardening Tools and Equipment

It’s also helpful to know the names of standard gardening tools and equipment in Chinese:

Gardening gloves – Yuányì shǒutào (园艺手套)

Shovel – Chuántǒu (铲头)

Hoe – Chúzi (锄子)

Rake – Pá (耙)

Watering can – Jiāoshuǐ píng (浇水瓶)

Wheelbarrow – Dān lún chē (单轮车)

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Phrases and Sentences

Finally, here are some sentences and phrases you can use while discussing gardening:

I love gardening – Wǒ ài yuányì. (我爱园艺。)

I am planting seeds – Wǒ zhèngzài bō zhǒng. (我正在播种。)

The flowers are blooming – Huā kāi le. (花开了。)

I am watering the plants – Wǒ zhèngzài jiāoshuǐ. (我正在浇水。)

We need to prune the trees – Wǒmen xūyào jiǎn shù. (我们需要剪树。)

You can communicate your love of gardening with those who speak Mandarin by learning and using this vocabulary and expressions specific to gardening. Remember that learning a language is a long process that requires patience and consistent practice, just like growing plants. Enjoy learning and gardening!

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