How to Talk About Music in Chinese


It’s essential to incorporate your hobbies and interests into language learning. Understanding the Chinese words for music will substantially improve your language skills and overall appreciation of Chinese culture if you’re a music lover. This article will look at some frequently used musical terms and expressions in Mandarin.

Basic Musical Vocabulary

  • Music: 音乐 (Yīnyuè)
  • Song: 歌曲 (Gēqǔ)
  • Singer: 歌手 (Gēshǒu)
  • Band: 乐队 (Yuèduì)
  • Concert: 音乐会 (Yīnyuè huì)
  • Lyrics: 歌词 (Gēcí)
  • Melody: 旋律 (Xuánlǜ)
  • Rhythm: 节奏 (Jiézòu)
  • Instruments: 乐器 (Yuèqì)

Genres and Styles

Chinese music encompasses a wide range of styles and genres. Here are some common ones:

  • Pop: 流行音乐 (Liúxíng yīnyuè)
  • Rock: 摇滚音乐 (Yáogǔn yīnyuè)
  • Classical: 古典音乐 (Gǔdiǎn yīnyuè)
  • Jazz: 爵士音乐 (Juéshì yīnyuè)
  • Country: 乡村音乐 (Xiāngcūn yīnyuè)
  • Rap: 说唱音乐 (Shuōchàng yīnyuè)
  • Electronic: 电子音乐 (Diànzǐ yīnyuè)

Describing Music

Sometimes you wish to explain how you feel about a particular song or musical genre. Here are some helpful adverbs and expressions:

  • Good: 好 (Hǎo)
  • Bad: 坏 (Huài)
  • Happy: 快乐 (Kuàilè)
  • Sad: 悲伤 (Bēishāng)
  • Inspiring: 鼓舞人心 (Gǔwǔ rénxīn)
  • Boring: 无聊 (Wúliáo)

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Asking and Giving Opinions

A fantastic method to practice Mandarin is to have a chat about music. Some words and phrases could be useful:

  • What kind of music do you like? 你喜欢什么样的音乐? (Nǐ xǐhuān shénme yàng de yīnyuè?)
  • Who is your favorite singer? 你最喜欢的歌手是谁? (Nǐ zuì xǐhuān de gēshǒu shì shuí?)
  • Have you heard this song? 你听过这首歌吗? (Nǐ tīngguò zhè shǒu gē ma?)
  • I think this song is inspiring. 我觉得这首歌很鼓舞人心。 (Wǒ juédé zhè shǒu gē hěn gǔwǔ rénxīn.)


Music has the power to communicate across all languages and cultures. You can strengthen your relationship with Chinese culture, advance your language abilities, and take pleasure in your favorite songs in a brand-new way by introducing musical vocabulary into your studies of Mandarin. So the next time Chinese music plays, try to comprehend and interact with it in Mandarin instead of just humming along!

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