How to Talk About Home Appliances in Chinese?

Chinese is a vast and intricate language, and having the appropriate vocabulary when discussing commonplace objects such as household appliances can be helpful.

Some common household appliances

Television – 电视 (Diànshì)

Refrigerator – 冰箱 (Bīngxiāng)

Microwave Oven – 微波炉 (Wēibō lú)

Air Conditioner – 空调 (Kōngtiáo)

Washing Machine – 洗衣机 (Xǐyī jī)

Computer – 电脑 (Diànnǎo)

Vacuum Cleaner – 吸尘器 (Xīchén qì)

Hair Dryer – 吹风机 (Chuīfēng jī)

Oven – 烤箱 (Kǎoxiāng)

Toaster – 吐司机 (Tǔsī jī)

Fan – 风扇 (Fēngshàn)

Practical Usage

  • I want to buy a new microwave oven. 我想买一个新的微波炉。(Wǒ xiǎng mǎi yīgè xīn de wēibō lú.)
  • The refrigerator is not cold enough. 冰箱不够冷。(Bīngxiāng bùgòu lěng.)
  • Can you turn on the air conditioner? 你能开空调吗?(Nǐ néng kāi kōngtiáo ma?)

As with any language, practice is essential for mastering these terms. Try using them in daily conversations, and you’ll soon be conversing in Mandarin about household appliances.

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FAQs on Talking About Home Appliances in Chinese

1. Why do many Chinese appliance terms start with the character 电 (Diàn)?

A: The character 电 (Diàn) means ‘electric’ in Chinese. Since many modern appliances run on electricity, they often begin with this character to signify that they are electric devices.

2. How do I ask if someone has a specific appliance at home in Chinese?

A: You can use the structure “你家有 [appliance name] 吗?” which means “Do you have a/an [appliance name] at home?” For example, “你家有电视吗?” (Nǐ jiā yǒu diànshì ma?) translates to “Do you have a television at home?”

3. the word ‘机’ (Jī) appears in several appliance names. What does it mean?

A: The character ‘机’ (Jī) often translates to ‘machine’ or ‘device’ in English. It’s commonly used in the names of various devices or machines.

4. Are any other characters that signify ‘device’ or ‘machine’ apart from ‘机’ (Jī)?

A: Yes, another character that frequently appears in the context of machines or devices is ‘器’ (Qì), which can be translated as ‘instrument’ or ‘device.’

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