How to Talk About Your Work in Chinese HSK 3-4

Speaking a foreign language can be challenging, especially when it is as complex as Chinese. However, you have the right tools and terminology. In that case, discussing your work in Chinese becomes manageable and an impressive feat of competence that can lead to deeper cultural and economic links. In this piece, we’ll break down the essential vocabulary and grammatical structures so you can confidently speak about your work in Chinese.

Basic Vocabulary for the Workplace

  1. 工作 (gōngzuò) – Work/job
  2. 公司 (gōngsī) – Company
  3. 职业 (zhíyè) – Profession
  4. 同事 (tóngshì) – Colleague
  5. 办公室 (bàngōngshì) – Office
  6. 项目 (xiàngmù) – Project
  7. 会议 (huìyì) – Meeting
  8. 客户 (kèhù) – Client

Introducing Yourself Professionally

When introducing yourself in a professional setting, you might say:

  • 我在 [Company Name] 工作。 (Wǒ zài [Company Name] gōngzuò.) – I work at [Company Name].
  • 我的职业是 [Job Title]。 (Wǒ de zhíyè shì [Job Title].) – My profession is [Job Title].

Talking About Your Day-to-Day Tasks

To discuss your daily tasks or responsibilities, you can use:

  • 我每天 [Task]。 (Wǒ měitiān [Task].) – I [Task] every day.
  • For example, “我每天处理电子邮件。(Wǒ měitiān chǔlǐ diànzǐ yóujiàn.)” – I handle emails every day.

Discussing Projects and Meetings

When you’re working on a project or attending a meeting, you might say:

  • 我正在做一个项目。 (Wǒ zhèngzài zuò yīgè xiàngmù.) – I am working on a project.
  • 我们下周有一个会议。 (Wǒmen xiàzhōu yǒu yīgè huìyì.) – We have a meeting next week.


Speaking Chinese at work can bring many benefits, such as fostering closer bonds with Chinese coworkers and navigating Chinese business environments. You can talk confidently about your professional life if you know this essay’s fundamental terms and phrases. 

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