How to Write the Perfect Resume in Chinese


You’ll require more than just a typical CV translated into Mandarin while looking for a job in a Chinese-speaking environment. Your resume must demonstrate your knowledge of Chinese corporate culture, etiquette, and linguistic intricacies. This post will show you how to format your resume in Chinese and includes Pinyin for pronunciation help.

Basic Information (基本信息 – Jīběn xìnxī)

Chinese resumes typically begin with basic personal information, including your full name (姓名 – Xìngmíng), date of birth (出生日期 – Chūshēng rìqī), and contact details (联系方式 – Liánxì fāngshì). If you’re a foreigner, it might be helpful to include your nationality (国籍 – Guójí). Also, remember to include a professional-looking photo, as it’s common in China.

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Objective Statement (求职意向 – Qiúzhí yìxiàng)

Your objective statement should be clear, concise, and tailored to the job you’re applying for. It’s also helpful to include the type of employment you’re seeking: full-time (全职 – Quánzhí), part-time (兼职 – Jiānzhí), or internship (实习 – Shíxí).

Education (教育经历 – Jiàoyù jīnglì)

Start with your highest degree first and work backward. Include the name of the institution (学校名称 – Xuéxiào míngchēng), central (专业 – Zhuānyè), and the years of enrollment (在校年份 – Zài xiào niánfèn).

Work Experience (工作经验 – Gōngzuò jīngyàn)

Similarly, list your work experiences from most recent to least. Include the company name (公司名称 – Gōngsī míngchēng), position (职位 – Zhíwèi), employment period (工作时间 – Gōngzuò shíjiān), and a summary of your responsibilities (工作职责 – Gōngzuò zhízé).

Skills (技能 – Jìnéng)

List any relevant skills, such as language abilities (语言能力 – Yǔyán nénglì) or computer skills (计算机技能 – Jìsuànjī jìnéng). Make sure to quantify these skills whenever possible.


Understanding cultural norms and linguistic nuances is necessary to write a captivating CV in Chinese. Employing the correct language and information presentation can significantly increase your chances of success.

Last, but not least, make sure to reread your resume numerous times to catch any errors or typos. Having a native Chinese speaker check your resume could also be helpful to ensure that your language use is proper and professional. Following these instructions, you’ll be well on your way to writing the ideal Chinese resume.

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