How to Discuss Clothing in Chinese

Clothing is one of the most practical topics to address when learning a new language. Whether you’re purchasing, packing for a trip, or simply describing someone’s attire, these terms are frequently used in conversation. This article explores how to speak about apparel in Chinese.

Basic Vocabulary

Let’s begin with some vocabulary basics. Here are some typical Chinese clothing products.

  • 衣服 (yīfú): Clothes
  • 裤子 (kùzi): Pants
  • 衬衫 (chènshān): Shirt
  • 裙子 (qúnzi): Skirt
  • 鞋子 (xiézi): Shoes
  • 帽子 (màozi): Hat
  • 手套 (shǒutào): Gloves
  • 围巾 (wéijīn): Scarf

Describing Clothes

When describing clothes, you should talk about the color, pattern, or material. Here are some valid words and phrases.

  • 颜色 (yánsè): Color
  • 图案 (tú’àn): Pattern
  • 材料 (cáiliào): Material
  • 纯色的 (chún sè de): Solid color
  • 花色的 (huā sè de): Floral
  • 棉的 (mián de): Cotton
  • 皮的 (pí de): Leather

Shopping for Clothes

These phrases come in handy if you’re shopping for clothes in a Chinese-speaking area.

  • 我可以试穿这件衣服吗?(Wǒ kěyǐ shì chuān zhè jiàn yīfú ma?): Can I try on this piece of clothing?
  • 这件衣服有其他颜色吗?(Zhè jiàn yīfú yǒu qítā yánsè ma?): Does this piece of clothing come in other colors?
  • 这是什么材料做的?(Zhè shì shénme cáiliào zuò de?): What material is this made of?

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Discussing clothing in Chinese requires acquiring specific vocabulary for various clothing items and phrases and adjectives to describe them. This article will provide the language and expressions essential to discuss apparel in any Chinese-speaking environment.

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